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The series behind the nature or the series paranormal artist Ahmed Amin

The series behind the nature or the series paranormal artist Ahmed Amin

The series behind the nature or the series paranormal artist Ahmed Amin
The Paranormal Series

Beyond Nature" achieved great success after it was shown in a few days on the famous "Netflix" site, being the company's first original work in an Egyptian drama.

Details of the second season of the series "Beyond Nature"Paranormal

With the work achieving great success during its first days of presentation, the makers of the work entered the preliminary preparations for the second season of work, which will be during the next year, as it will contain the second novel by the late writer Ahmed. Khaled Tawfiq.

The hero of the character, Rifaat Ismail, who embodies the character of Ahmed Amin, is expected to die in the coming seasons, but he will return in a different way through the series written by the late in his novels.

The series revolves around the journey of suspicion that Dr. Rifaat Ismail, who is forty years old, is bald, skinny, stubborn, cynical, adventurous, and weak in body, and suffers from various diseases. Supernatural series, Part Two.

And smokes voraciously like a coal locomotive, when he had it. The world is turned upside down after questioning his scientific convictions, which he believed in throughout his life

The series is presented with translation in more than 32 languages ​​in 190 countries around the world, and dubbing is available in more than 9 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Turkish, German and others. The series Supernatural Part Two.

The series starring Ahmed Amin, Maggie McKillop, Razan Jamal, Howayda plays Aya Samaha, Ra’fa plays with Sama Ibrahim, Shiraz plays Reem Abdel Qader, Lucifer plays Karim al-Hakim, Reda plays Rushdi al-Shami, Medhat plays with Khaled Ibrahim.

Supernatural series Paranormal 

In the 1960s era, Dr. Rifaat Ismail, professor of hematology at the university, lives in a world full of paranormal stories and mysterious events that he himself fought, and his Scottish colleague Maggie cooperated in all his adventures in the series Supernatural Part Two.

Director: Amr Salama (Director (The Legend of the House - The Legend of the Jathoom - The Legend of the Homecoming) / Creative Supervisor) Majed Al-Ansari (Director (The Legend of the Pharaoh's Curse - The Legend of the Jathoom) The Cave Keeper - The Legend of Consciousness))

Details of the first part episodes of the series Beyond Nature
Episode # 1: Today is Rifaat Ismail's birthday. His sister invites him to lunch in the presence of his fiancée, and Rifaat comes with Maggie, but an air strike occurs.Paranormal

Everyone is searching for Taha, the son of Ismail's sister, which reminds him of his past with Shiraz in the countryside and the haunted house of al-Khadrawi.Paranormal

There are many episodes of the series, and each episode must explain new details, including Paranormal:

Episode One "House Legend".
The second "legend of the curse of the pharaoh".
The third "legend of the cave keeper".
Fourth: "Myth of Tact.".
Fifth Episode "The Legend of the Jathoom".
Episode VI "The Legend of the House: The Return".
Metaphysics Netflix has important details about the series.

The series will portray stunning supernatural events using powerful post-production techniques and visual effects, combined with outstanding performances by the actors.

The series is the second collaboration between Mohamed Hefzy and Amr Salama after the movie (Zay Al Naharda), the series Beyond Nature Part II.

It is the second production adapted from the novels of Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq by producer Mohamed Hefzy after the series (Zodiac).

The work is the fulfillment of a previous promise made by director Amr Salama to writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq to transfer the novels to a TV series before the latter's departure in 2018.

Netflix's first production in Egypt, and its third in the Arab world after the Rawabi Girls' School series produced by Tima Al-Shomali, and the Jane series.

Netflix's first Arabic series based on the novel Metaphysics Part 2 and 1.

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