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Trump's transitional sabotage threatens Trump's vaccine rollout with the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

 Trump's transitional sabotage threatens Trump's vaccine rollout with the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Trump's transitional sabotage threatens Trump's vaccine rollout with the Coronavirus, COVID-19. Trump refused to lose the election Joe Biden wins

US President Donald Trump's refusal to coordinate with President-elect Joe Biden on the crucial Covid-19 vaccine gives amazing potential for a clearer vision: that the commander in chief of the outgoing US forces is actively working to sabotage his successor.

Trump's denial of his defeat in the US election, his lies about the lack of coordinated mass fraud of voters and his stifling rituals of transfer of power between administrations are not merely destructive perversions of democracy.

Given the current national emergency, they threaten to cause practical repercussions that could harm Biden's next White House, not only in the political sense, but that there could be greater harm to the citizens.

There are growing concerns that blocking Trump will slow and complicate vaccine delivery that brings a bewildering potential to return to normality amid startling new news from trials showing the doses are effective in stopping more than 90% of coronavirus cases.

2020 US Election Results Trump and Joe Biden

The distribution will be a very complex and historic public vaccination operation targeting hundreds of millions of Americans - and several millions of them have resisted following basic safety protocols such as wearing masks because Trump encouraged them not to do so.

The vaccination campaign will require a high level of public trust and will involve intense ethical discussions among officials about who should get the vaccine first. The entire program may be corrupted if it is politicized.

But unless something changes, the Biden team may face the task of addressing these issues all over again, in a frantic catch-up process.

Trump White House about the virus Corona vaccine

It's not just a vaccine as Trump is threatening the success of the next administration, headed by Joe Biden. Attacks by the president and his aides on governors interfering in his leadership void as the pandemic spreads across all 50 states mean that the situation Biden inherits will be worse than it should be.

Victims of this neglect will be thousands who health experts expect to die or get sick in the absence of a coordinated national response to the winter spike in infections and workers trapped in new business restrictions by local leaders trying to get the virus under control - as well as the millions of schoolchildren who are already falling behind. Classes are still closed.

Joe Biden's warning and message to Trump

Biden explicitly warned the president-elect on Monday that "more people could die if we don't coordinate," escalating his pressure on Trump to admit his election defeat and the imminent exit from the US presidency.

Contrary to Trump, who is floundering in his sense of personal injustice and anger at what he sees as a humiliating loss, Biden has a sense of urgency and new proposals, and he calls for a concerted national effort to mitigate the horrific impact of the attack and the high infection rates nationwide.

But while he has the moral standing of winning the election, he does not have the strength to carry out his plans until inauguration day on January 20.

A source stated that Trump has no intention of giving up his false attacks on the election to start an orderly transition or to accept Biden as the legitimate next president.

Instead, his legal challenges, which made little progress in the courts, appear to be explicitly aimed at promoting conspiracy theories among his supporters, maintaining his grip on the Republican Party, and ultimately making Biden's term illegitimate.

The failure of many of the Republican leaders in Washington, who remain hostages to Trump's political base, to unambiguously refer to Biden as the elected president or to rebuke Trump for his undemocratic behavior, only undermines the next administration.

Two weeks after the election, it is still surreal and extraordinary for the president to refuse to accept Biden's victory, which matches the 306 electoral college votes he himself collected in 2016.

That he will act this way in the midst of the grave of the national crisis, with 246,000 Americans already dying from Covid-19 and millions out of work, is a more vivid glimpse into the mind of the president who has consistently prioritized his own goals and imbues over the traditional view of the national interest.

Barbara Starr said if there were consequences from such a move - such as the collapse of the Afghan government under the return of the Taliban - it would be up to Biden to deal with the fallout.

There are also expectations that the president will take foreign policy steps, including tougher tariffs on China or tougher sanctions on Iran, which would reduce the forthcoming negotiating room in the White House.

The New York Times reported on Monday that the president has sought options to strike Iran after his "maximum pressure" policy failed to rein in its nuclear program.

Such a measure would make it nearly impossible for Biden to revive the Obama administration's agreement with Tehran and international powers. But the report said advisers had persuaded Trump to refrain from launching attacks that could spark a wider conflict and undermine one of his proudest accomplishments: avoiding new wars in the Middle East.

In another apparent attempt to complicate the incoming administration's quest to reduce America's dependence on fossil fuels, the White House on Monday requested bids to explore for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Trump wants credit for the Verroc Corona vaccine and threatens the United States of America

Ironically, Trump's temperament, marked by wild tweets detached from any realistic broadcaster, detracts from the undeniable achievement of his administration in sponsoring the rapid development of vaccines.

Early data released on Monday found that the Moderna vaccine currently in trials is 94.5% effective against the coronavirus. This was stated in prof News punishment that the Pfizer vaccine was more than 90% effective. The news brought about the possibility of a return to normality and economic activity in 2021.

One of Trump's last few indications of the pandemic's worsening outbreak was a tweet Monday demanding that historians acknowledge his role in the vaccine breakthroughs.

The president instructed government agencies not to offer traditional cooperation with the incoming administration or to allow the release of millions of dollars in funding, office space at agencies, and briefings from government officials.

Biden initially reacted cautiously to the move, seeming anxious not to provoke further hostility to Trump as the president reconciles with his frustrated hopes of winning a second term. But the president-elect is increasingly warning of the damage caused by the impasse and highlighting the vaccine in particular.

"The sooner we get to the department's distribution plan, the more smoothly this transition will go forward," Biden said in Wilmington, Delaware.

While the nation's chief infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said the vaccine could start offering it to high-priority patients such as healthcare workers and the elderly in December, it will likely be at least April until it is available to most Americans.

Dr. Luciana Borio, Biden's advisory board member on COVID-19, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN Monday night that blocking the administration of the vaccine could have a dangerous effect on its eventual distribution.

“It is very important to know the schedules for manufacturing vaccines,” Boryo said. "It won't be easy; this is a complicated task."

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